Jimmy Nguyen: It’s time for Bitcoin to grow up

Coingeek Week
28 November 2018, London (UK)

nChain CEO Jimmy Nguyen explains why businesses and crypto enthusiasts should support Bitcoin SV.

Steve Shadders: Instant transactions for Bitcoin

Coingeek Week
29 November 2018, London (UK)

nChain solutions and engineering director Steve Shadders shared that while double spending can occur on many blockchains, it can become “economically infeasible” using new tools made for the Bitcoin SV network.

James Belding: The future of Commerce

Coingeek Week
28 November 2018, London (UK)

Tokenized team lead James Belding laid down the benefits in store for businesses to adopt Bitcoin SV as it can record every commercial agreement, interactions and transactions in the ledger.

Coingeek Week panel: Professionalizing Bitcoin & Bcommerce

Coingeek Week
30 November 2018, London (UK)


  • Jimmy Nguyen – (CEO) nChain
  • Craig S. Wright – (Chief Scientist) nChain
  • Edgar Maximillian – (Partner)
  • Jerry Chan – SBI Digital Asset Holdings
  • Michael Hudson – (CEO) Bitstocks

The year ahead: Steve Shadders in the latest Bitstocks Crypto podcast

Bitstocks Podcast
15 January 2019, London (UK)

Bitstocks CTO, David Arakelian chats with nChain’s Director of Solutions and Engineering, Steve Shadders about the 4 tech pillars behind Bitcoin SV (scaling, security, safe instant transactions and stability) and other areas that impacts the Bitcoin SV roadmap.

  • 4:05 Solve the technical problems encountered along the way to achieving the road map
  • 10:43 Security and Quality Assurance and SV code audits
  • 14:50 Scaling limitations in the current software limitation
  • 16:19 External signature validation
  • 17:23 Alternate UTXO data storage
  • 21:00 Language limitations for bitcoin
  • 24:00 Hardware utilisation
  • 35:03 What can we expect from Nchain in 2019
    • Scaling Bitcoin SV
    • Merchant API- Secure instant transaction plan
    • Teranode project
    • Bitcoin Protocol specification
    • Sustainable large blocks