Reliable Node Software
Reliable open source software, providing the fundamental requirements
for mining enterprises, to mine efficiently and at their peak.
Parallel tx validation
Scalability and transaction processing power are highly improved as the node software makes full use of all available CPU cores when receiving new transactions to the mempool.
Parallel block validation
By validating blocks in parallel, 2 or more competing blocks can be assessed at the same time, allowing for faster transition between chains tips and keeping your miners on task without interruption.
GetMiningCandidate vastly improves on the previous GetBlockTemplate in response time and ability to handle huge volumes of transactions. Ensuring your Miners always have the most up to date template including all of the available transactions and their fees.
Block assembler / Journaling
The Journaling block assembler maintains a fluid list of pending transactions for inclusion in the next block. This always-on approach gives extremely fast response times when creating block templates for mining candidates regardless of how big the block templates get.
Advanced configuration options
Gives more control to Miners and node operators to configure their instance to their liking, allowing full control to maintain consensus with other Bitcoin SV Miners on the network.
Merchant Services Integration
Miner ID and mAPI services are plug & play ready with the Bitcoin SV Node Software. Granting Miners new business models, offering competitive & personalised transaction fee quotes, for guaranteed mining at a chosen SLA.
No revenue cap for miners
Bitcoin SV protocol has no block cap. This creates infinite room for more transactions to be available through our mining software. Bigger blocks, more transactions… higher revenue!
Professional, Reliable,
High Standard Development

To realise the potential of the original Bitcoin SV protocol, we've formed a full-time, highly experienced team, made up of Architects, Product Owners, Developers, Designers and Testers who have brought a wealth of knowledge and a professional development approach to the Bitcoin SV protocol.

Our dedicated QA team run continuous testing and integration processes, combined with, a world class bounty program and thorough security audit conducted by a third party. Together this guarantees a stable, scalable, and secure protocol for enterprises to develop their new competitive advantage.

QA Team
50+ full time
Bounty Program
Third party
security report
System requirements
To only follow the most Proof of Work (PoW) chain and handle small volumes of other tasks (RPC requests as an example)
To handle a medium volume of workload while maintaining real time sync with the current chain tip
To handle high volume of work or has txindex enabled, or a mining operation.
Processor 4 Core, 8 thread CPU 8 Core, 16 thread CPU 8 Core, 16 thread CPU
10 core 20 thread CPU or more preferred
RAM 6GB of Ram + 10GB Swap 64GB Ram + 64GB Swap 64GB Ram + 64GB Swap
Internet 10+ Mbit (up and down) 100Mbit+ (up and down) 1Gbit+ (up and down)