How do I transact

The Compare and Comply service uses standard HTTP response codes to indicate whether a method completed successfully. HTTP response codes in the 2xx range indicate success. A response in the 4xx range is some sort of failure, and a response in the 5xx range usually indicates an internal system error that cannot be resolved by the user. Response codes are listed with the method.

When the Node SDK receives an error response from the Compare and Comply service, it creates an Error object with information that describes the error that occurred. This error object is passed as the first parameter to the callback function for the method. The contents of the error object are as shown in the following table.


Alfreds FutterkisteMaria AndersGermany
Centro comercial MoctezumaFrancisco ChangMexico
Ernst HandelRoland MendelAustria
Island TradingHelen BennettUK
Laughing Bacchus WinecellarsYoshi TannamuriCanada
Magazzini Alimentari RiunitiGiovanni RovelliItaly

Data Handeling

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